Recent compositions



Recent Compositions (2011-present)

I've uploaded several Soundfont processed files and regular recordings to my website's main directory. You can listen to them by clicking on the links below. (The most recent files are at the bottom of each list.)


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
Above the Clouds Electronic MusicYoutube03:59
Rainforest Light (by Kayleigh Beard) 4 arrangements for Winterwelvaart 2017Youtube04:09


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
Unstoppable Electronic MusicYoutube04:16
Celestial TempleElectronic MusicYoutube05:05
OminousElectronic MusicYoutube04:33
SoaringElectronic MusicYoutube04:25
EraseMarjoram's EP: ClosureYoutube04:08
Wishing Stars (Lang Leav)Music & RecitationsYoutube01:08
Let America Be America Again (Langston Hughes)Music & RecitationsYoutube05:41
Sense of DutySense of Duty - Fries Symfonie OrkestYoutube12:17
Overture for Strings [EXCERPT] Overture for Strings - Charles Belfor Ensemble & Jeugd Orkest GroningenYoutube02:02 (out of ca. 13)


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
Alexithymia Electronic MusicYoutube04:19
Perseverance Electronic MusicYoutube04:15
Liberation Electronic MusicYoutube03:46
Perpetuum Mobile Electronic MusicYoutube04:00
Icarus Electronic MusicYoutube03:38
Undiscovered Country Electronic MusicYoutube03:47
Inner Sanctum Electronic MusicYoutube04:45
Heroes Electronic MusicYoutube03:47
Moving Forward Electronic MusicYoutube04:13
Civil Unrest Electronic MusicYoutube04:13
E.V.E. Electronic MusicYoutube04:18
Cogwheel Electronic MusicYoutube04:06
Voyager 1 Electronic MusicYoutube05:30


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
The Dreamers of The Day (T.E. Lawrence)Music & RecitationsYoutube00:46
'Teàrlach', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Youtube10:10
'Oculi Tui' Electronic Music Youtube04:11
'Obsession', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Youtube08:55
I wonder how many people in this city (Leonard Cohen)Music & RecitationsYoutube00:41
Invictus (William Ernest Henley)Music & RecitationsYoutube00:59
If We Must Die (Claude McKay)Music & RecitationsYoutube01:08
'Iris', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Youtube10:09
'Urban Tragedy' Electronic MusicYoutube04:53
'Societal Decay' Electronic MusicYoutube04:41
'Stabat Mater' Electronic MusicYoutube04:43
Democracy (Langston Hughes)Music & RecitationsYoutube01:03
'Revenge' Electronic MusicYoutube04:19


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
'A new voyage', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube06:20
'Yggdrasil', Sinfonietta for Orchestra & Synthesizers Images & InspirationYoutube10:50
'Arrhythmia, Music for Strings & Timpani Youtube03:31
'Desperation' Music for Computer GamesMIDI02:51
'Castle' Music for Computer GamesMIDI04:00
'Nil Volentibus Arduum' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)04:09
'Ominous Forest' Music for Computer GamesMIDI03:47
'Dear Friends' Music for Computer GamesMIDI02:42
'Carpe Diem' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)01:26
'Industrial' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)00:33
'Underwater World' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)00:38
'Total Logic' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)00:38
'Labor Omnia Vincit Improbus' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)00:38
'Varietas Delectat' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)00:43
'Polis' Music for Computer GamesMP3 (VSTi)02:09
'Inner Conflict', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Youtube10:58


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
'Fleeting Happiness', Music for Solo Horn & Synth. Images & InspirationYoutube03:02
'Loungers', Capriccio for Piano Solo Images & InspirationYoutube02:40
'Vulneratus Nec Victus', Sinfonietta for Orchestra & Synth. Images & InspirationYoutube08:52
'As we venture forward into the unknown...', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube11:22
'Lamento', Lamento for String Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube05:38
'Chasing Tomorrow', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube04:52
'Introspection', Instrumental Song for Jazz Ensemble Images & InspirationYoutube02:48
'Cannot see the forest for the trees...', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube07:40
'Orchestral Arrangement of Sanger's theme for Stormovik Youtube02:26


TitleProject nameMedium/FiletypeDuration
'Hodie vivendum, omissa praeteritorum cura!', Music for Classical Organ MP3 (Soundfont)02:44
'Dodecaphony', Music for Piano Solo MP3 (VSTi)01:19
'Eternal Slumber', Music for Piano SoloMP3 (VSTi)02:44
'Smoke' by DuskDusk - additional musicMP3 (Live)12:23
'Gustav', Sinfonietta for OrchestraMP3 (VSTi)05:51
'Tears in Rain'MP3 (VSTi)02:54
'Dignity', Sinfonietta for Orchestra MP3 (VSTi)08:53
'American Spirit', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube08:03
'Lonely Sunset', Music for Woodwinds and Strings Images & InspirationYoutube05:09
'In Paradisum', Sinfonietta for Orchestra Images & InspirationYoutube05:30
'De la Terre à la Lune!', Sinfonietta for Orchestra & Synth. Images & InspirationYoutube07:29

Updated: January 4, 2019